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News from Ben and Katy at Neema Crafts, Tanzania

Ben and Katy from Neema Crafts and their children

This week at Christ Church our focus has been on Ben and Katy Ray and their two children who are working in Tanzania with Neema Crafts.  We enjoyed seeing and purchasing some of the crafts made at Neema last Sunday after our 10.30am service. This week, these crafts are also going to be at Badminton […]

Building4Life through to next round of Co-op community funding

Co-oplocal community funding logo

We have just received this fantastic news from the Co-op: Building4Life at Christ Church Downend has been chosen for the next round of the Co-op Local Community Fund. The funding round will start on 12 November 2017 and runs for 11 months until the 27 October 2018. How it works Every time members shop at the Co-op, 1% […]

Making advent meaningful

There are plenty of ways we can add value to our activities at this time of year. Our shopping habits, our traditions and our use of time can all give us opportunity to discover more of the riches of God’s love for us.  An easy and effective way to bring good things to bless others during […]

Help us win funding for CCTV at the Youth Hub

The Youth Hub at Christ Church Downend

The Co-op gives 1% of what their customers spend to community projects in the locality of each store. The Co-op in Downend are supporting us to raise funds for the CCTV at the youth hub. Please visit the Co-op website and vote for the youth hub before 11 November and encourage your friends, family and […]

Pray for our PCC

Celebrating our amazing PCC, meeting this week on Wednesday 18 October at 7.15pm. Please pray for them all, as they manage the decisions which will shape our work at Christ Church Downend, including our budgets for 2018 and our Building4Life project. Our PCC are elected each year in April, at our Annual Parochial Church Council […]

Monica making a difference in Africa

Have you ever felt helpless to make a difference to the lives of others in the world who are less well off than we are here in the west?  If you donate money do you wonder if it will get to those actually in need?  I felt that way but then an avenue opened up […]

Moving Out Timetable

Here’s your quick guide to the events and services at Christ Church that are moving, when they move and where to. For more information ask at the Parish Office. Moving Out Timetable2  

Church on the Move

You may have heard the rumours that Christ Church Downend is on the move! The community of Christians who call ourselves the family of Christ Church will still be here, worshipping, serving and learning to live the life God has given us in the way he calls us to. It’s just the bricks and mortar […]

Team India Feedback Evening

Come and hear all about the fantastic trip our teenagers made to India to visit Haven Home Orphanage. Meet the team, hear the impact this trip has made on their lives and the difference they have made to so many lives in India. Friday 15 September 7.30pm Christ Church Parish Hall. This is a free […]

A cup of tea like no other!

We have just received news from Ben & Katy Ray including a story of a very unusual type of cup of tea. They are working in Tanzania with Neema Crafts. Neema Crafts is a centre for people with disabilities, and Ben and Katy are the directors, working with the Church Mission Society. Read all their […]