Anita Dobson

Anita Dobson,
Equips families under the ministry of Discipleship for All Ages

Faith in families

If we want our children to grow up to love God as we do, and if we want to learn how to live out our faith in the home as well as in the safe environment of church activities, then we need to encourage each other. It’s not always easy to live out our faith honestly in front of our fiercest critics: the ones who live closest to us. But talking together with our children about things such as trust, commitment and honesty – and much more importantly, modelling these Christian values through the Spirit’s power as far as we can,  – this will help us to grow our faith and our family life firmly connected to Christ. And of course demonstrating repentance and forgiveness when we inevitably get it wrong.

We hope to encourage, resource and equip you in this journey together, through

  • Newsletters with ideas, resources and events
  • Family events and social activities
  • Monthly All Age services and celebrations for major festivals
  • Toddler group and Jigsaw toddler service
  • Baptism exploration and preparation

There is a particular emphasis on ‘the family’ at Christ Church because of its central place in society and the increasing pressures upon family life today. We want to see marriage and family life strengthened and the home becoming the primary place of nurture in Christian life and faith. Therefore, families are encouraged to share ideas as to how this could happen. Christ Church offers a variety of courses and support groups that are relevant for family life. These include:

  • The marriage course
  • Parenting courses
  • Aquila: a group for people who have been divorced
  • Sanctuary: parents of children with additional needs
  • Marriage preparation
  • Baptism preparation

The Mothers’ Union meets regularly, working and praying for marriage and family life worldwide.

The head of discipleship for all ages oversees and supports these and other initiatives.

See also discipleship for all ages.

Anita Dobson, head of discipleship for all ages ministry

For Baptism Enquiries contact:
Paul Peterson, Associate Vicar

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Read our safe from harm policy (pdf, 436kb).