Can you join our fundraising team?

We are looking for people to join in our “one month Window of opportunity” to apply for grant funding. We have reached a crucial stage in our £1 million Building4Life project. The plans are in place and we are on course to start the work this autumn. We have raised over half the money needed […]

General Election Prayers: drawing inspiration from Christian values of Love, Trust & Hope

Line of young people standing on a beach holding hands at sunset

As we approach the General Election, we have received this letter from Justin Welby and John Sentamu, Archbishops of Canterbury & York. The whole letter is in the link below, but here is the final paragraph. They have asked that this letter is shared across the Church of England’s parishes and chaplaincies as they urge people to […]

Come and See: inspiration for sharing your faith

“Come and see” could be the most powerful words  you ever say to someone. And there are many other ways in which we can share our faith with others. We may be afraid or lacking confidence, but God is powerful and it’s his business so he will equip us with everything we need!  Come to […]

The Christ Church 2016-7 Annual Report is published this week

  The 2016-7 Annual Report is now available online here. It is a huge celebration of so much that has happened in 2016 and what we have to look forward to for 2017. The accounts will also be available shortly, after checks with our accountants. We will be approving the accounts along with a celebration […]

Jo blogs: Tenth space

The beach at Iona

Iona is described in Celtic writings as a ‘thin place.’ That is, a place where the space between heaven and earth barely exists. For me, this is experienced most powerfully of all on the beaches of the island. Though constantly changing with tides and weather conditions, these places have remained essentially unchanged since the time […]

Jo blogs: Ninth space

The Refectory at Iona

The kitchen is the place of preparation so that meals can be served not just to sustain the community and guests physically but also so that people can eat together and build friendships over food in the way people have done down the centuries. Planning is of course a vital ingredient in this process, which […]

Jo blogs: Eighth space

The Chapter House at Iona

The Chapter House Today this space is used as a place to gather in small groups for worship and discussion, planning meetings, music practices etc. The day to day life of the Iona Community and what it stands for is portrayed on display boards. Visitors are left in no doubt of the community’s vision to […]

Jo blogs: Seventh space

The Cloisters at Iona Abbey

The Cloisters These four corridors around a central square provided a sacred space for monks to walk along, thoughtfully reflecting on their lives, the scriptures, their brothers in danger or just dreaming of what the future might hold. It was here that they would study the Bible and great spiritual classics. Many decisions must have […]

Hope after Heartbreak

Is there hope after heartbreak? We believe so, and that’s why we are partnering again this spring with Aquila, the charity that gives people who have experienced relationship breakdown or divorce a chance to move to a place of greater wholeness and confidence. Aquila is a 7 week course run by trained facilitators who have […]

News from Ben & Katy & Neema Crafts in Tanzania

A very inspiring story of a 300km trip for one man to reach Iringa. Read about the tenacity of Bryson in the latest prayer news update from Ben & Katy Ray, serving at Neema Crafts with the Church Mission Society in Tanzania. Neema Crafts is a not-for-profit organisation that helps train, empower and employ over […]