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Honest Questions

Is it ok to have honest questions about God? The short answer is: Yes. Christians can sometimes feel that they are not meant to question God, or to get angry with him, or find parts of the Bible difficult. “Maybe if I have questions I don’t love God enough. Maybe there’s something wrong with my […]

Remembrance Day Service – 10.30am Sunday 8th November

Understandably this year things are a little different for our Remembrance Day service, however we will still be marking the occasion and all are welcome to join us virtually for the service. Rev. Jo Vickery will be leading and Rev. Paul Peterson preaching with ex-forces member Norman Low leading our time of remembrance including last […]

The Church of England and anti-blackness

As part of Black History month I was asked as a priest and someone with an academic background in history, to write a short piece on the history of the church and anti-blackness. We then thought we would like to share it on our church page as part of our own journey of repentance. The […]

No trunk or Treat this Hallowe’en?

If you remember Sam and Jonners in full size duck costumes, then chances are you have been to a Trunk or Treat party in Christ Church car park in recent years. We opened up our car boots and decorated them with fairy lights and lanterns. Families would go from car to car getting different treats […]

Family Worship at 4pm

Our next Family Worship in Church is on Sunday, 11 October. Here’s the schedule for the next 2 months: Sunday 4 October Zoom Worship at 4pm Sunday 11 October in Church at 4pm Sunday 18 October Zoom Worship at 4pm Sunday 25 October in Church at 4pm Sunday 1 November Zoom Worship at 4pm Sunday […]

Join us for prayer and praise on Zoom this Friday

To begin our One Church One Day 24 hours of prayer, join us on Zoom for the first hour at 7pm on Friday 2nd October. To get the link to join in this church family time of praying together, please email Diane Paddon at diane.paddon@christchurchdownend.com “Keep the fires burning” To sign up for an hour […]

Jigsaw Toddlers get outdoors

From next Friday 18 September, we are going to meet in mini Jigsaws of 6 at 9.30am at King George V playing fields. We will build 6s as people sign up and each 6 will have a “place to gather”. If weather is iffy we will post any update on our dedicated facebook group by […]

A walk with Jesus : The Road to Emmaus

Children’s groups this Sunday Sparklers can watch the story with Eloise and Jack on YouTube here https://youtu.be/eK2tuTpYJGY and you may like to make a paper fan by folding a piece of paper concertina style and colour it ready for Sunday. And Connected groups there is a pdf with 9 pictures to print out ready for […]

The Bread Dough empty tomb challenge!

Here is an Easter activity with a difference: can you make up some bread dough, and create shapes to share the Easter story with your family ? If you don’t have any bread flour & yeast, you can still join in by making the shapes out of leaves / twigs or stones. Ingredients: 500g strong […]

Easter card making & a Sunday wilderness story,

This Sunday our Connected children’s groups will be studying the story of when Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness. You can read it here : Matthew 4: 1-11 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%204:1-11&version=NIV and listen to my reading of a Bob Hartman version of the story here: https://youtu.be/TIqu0mpV-_I If the children could have a dark colour […]