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Alpha: invitation to adventure

Bear Grylls calls his journey of faith “my greatest adventure.” And he’s right: following Jesus is the greatest adventure anyone could go on, taking you deeper into yourself, opening your mind wider than you could imagine, enlarging your heart further than you thought it could stretch, and taking you to places you never thought you’d […]

Finding calm in the Mess

Maria Henderson decided to come to July Messy Church to see what the noise was all about.  She discovered that mess and peace can somehow go together, and that a wonderful team of people make the mess appear and then disappear again as if by magic! She liked it so much, she joined the team. […]

Living on the Edge – Summer Series

For our Summer Series at Christ Church, we will be looking at the life of Peter and how we can, like him, be “Living on the edge”. Each Sunday we plan to have a slightly shorter family friendly, lively Summer Service, with an interactive first half, with all our Church family together in Church, then […]

News update from Moldova

Misa holding a service in Moldova

Here is the latest prayer letter from Pastor Misa Hiorescu. Christ Church members supported the building of the church in Moldova where Misa is the pastor through a tithe gift from monies given to the Building4Life project. So while we are planning our new building project, those that wanted to, have been able to also […]

Kathy to take up new role

Comforted by holding hands

Kathy to step down as Head of Ministry of Wholeness and Pastoral Care At the end of June, Kathy Prosser will step down from her role as Ministry Head as she senses God calling her to concentrate on a ministry of Communion and building relationships as Chaplain in local residential homes and hospitals. This role […]

General Election Prayers: drawing inspiration from Christian values of Love, Trust & Hope

Line of young people standing on a beach holding hands at sunset

As we approach the General Election, we have received this letter from Justin Welby and John Sentamu, Archbishops of Canterbury & York. The whole letter is in the link below, but here is the final paragraph. They have asked that this letter is shared across the Church of England’s parishes and chaplaincies as they urge people to […]

Come and See: inspiration for sharing your faith

“Come and see” could be the most powerful words  you ever say to someone. And there are many other ways in which we can share our faith with others. We may be afraid or lacking confidence, but God is powerful and it’s his business so he will equip us with everything we need!  Come to […]

The Christ Church 2016-7 Annual Report is published this week

  The 2016-7 Annual Report is now available online here. It is a huge celebration of so much that has happened in 2016 and what we have to look forward to for 2017. The accounts will also be available shortly, after checks with our accountants. We will be approving the accounts along with a celebration […]