A movement to cover Bristol in prayer 24/7 365 days a year

Imagine a wave of prayer gliding across the city and its outskirts day after day, night after night. The city’s people: the wealthy and the down on their luck; the successful and the despairing; those in health and those in sickness; those taking life’s first cry and those breathing their final breaths: all covered in prayer from God’s faithful people.

Imagine Christians of all kinds of churches, praying through the day and night for our Council and local government, for those who work and serve and those who receive. Praying for businesses to flourish with honest work; for professionals to work with integrity; for the unemployed to find hope and the homeless to find a way out.

One Church One Day – working together to achieve the dream

Annie and Silas Crawley have moved out of leadership at Hope Church in order to pursue this vision. The aim is that each church will commit to one day a month of 24/7 prayer so that the prayer of God’s people for the world he loves is continual.

How can we be part of this?

Personally I would love us to be able to commit to a day a month here at Christ Church but that’s up to how many of you are keen to be involved and commit to being here part of the day or night each month. In the mean time, as we pray about our response, we can support Resound Church in Mangotsfield who are beginning their monthly prayer day on Tuesday 9th April and every following second Tuesday of the month.

We are welcome to join them at any part of the 24 hours 6am Tuesday to 6 am Wednesday.

6am- 9am corporate prayer;

from 9am -8 pm you can book an hour slot (or just turn up)

8pm – 8 pm – 10 pm corporate prayer;

from 10 pm – 6 am book a slot or turn up. Slots can be booked online or by calling / messaging the office.

Resound Church Blackhorse Road Mangotsfield BS16 9BP 0117 3050969


Let’s get together to pray, for the Lord is faithful and through our prayers “works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed” Psalm 103: 6

For more information and ideas please speak to Anita Dobson anitadobson@christchurchdownend.com 07753233950