Anita Dobson, Head of Discipleship for all ages ministry

Anita Dobson, Head of Discipleship for all ages ministry

What’s your next step?

We believe that everyone, no matter how young or old, and no matter where they are on the journey of faith, can take the next step to draw closer to God.

We also believe that there are many ways to take next steps, and many ways to grow into the fullness of life Jesus brings.

Here are some of them:

Life groups

Home groups

Usually a mid-week gatherings of 8-12 people that acts as ‘church in small’. We encourage everyone to be part of a home group. They create a sense of community where people feel they belong and are cared and prayed for; they are an environment where faith can be explored and deepened in the context of every day life; they have the potential for transforming action as people get involved in local and global challenges. As stories are shared, relationships are built.

Prayer triplets and quads

Some people find they work better in smaller groups, as they can be more confidential. Many of our community are in prayer triplets or quads meeting in a variety of places and times to reflect and pray together.

Discipleship triads

Some enjoy a chance to really apply the Bible to their lives in an accountable way. Discipleship triads typically aim to split and form three new triads after a year.

Other ways to take a next step

Everyone is different in the ways they respond to God. For some, it’s serving in some way in the church or community. For others, reading and private study. For others, trying out new spiritual disciplines or a new way of worshipping. Some find growth through creativity, through prayer times, retreat days or prayer ministry.

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