Planet Earth Festive Plea

PLANET  EARTH is in deep trouble. “God so loved the world, and everything in it, that he sent his son….” Christmas is coming- but don’t forget the CLIMATE  EMERGENCY.  Please think before you shop. Do they/ you,  really need that?  Christians were called to live counter- culturally.          Let’s pull together:  Lets cut […]

A World of Difference

Come to our Christingle service. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the children standing in a circle with their oranges and candles lit to symbolise Jesus the light of the world, coming to shine away the darkness we face.  Have fun together as we worship through song and activities. This service is so popular that we […]

Which event will you try this Christmas at Christ Church?

There are so many different events that might appeal to you this Christmas. You might enjoy the beauty of Carols by Candlelight with the traditional readings and carols. (5pm & 7pm Sunday 22 December) Would you be inspired by seeing in the day itself at the Midnight communion? (11 pm 24 December) Maybe you and […]

Plastic Bag Recycling Project: Schools it’s over to you now !

The pupils at Bromley Heath Junior School started a plastic bag recycling project In October 2018 as a Junior Soup team taking part in the local community action project called Downend Soup. For one year they have been collecting clean, stretchy plastic bags stuffed into a bread bag or similar and bringing them to the […]

Friendship at any age

Friendship is flourishing between the residents at William Court & pupils at Christ Church Junior School thanks to the continuing visits from the CCJ Friendship Club. The group meet once a month for an hour of chatting, with a break for tea & biscuits. It’s a beautiful sight to see both the children’s and residents’ faces light up […]

Downend SOUP 7

In November a great crowd gathered for Downend SOUP for their 7th evening of Community Crowdfunding. Three brave souls took to the stage and explained their cause and the funding, help or volunteers they wanted.George spoke for The Littlest Rescue pet re-homing charity based in Staple Hill. Where they are looking for funding to relocate some […]

So what IS Christ Church?!

Over the last 8 weeks we’ve been asking this question, at all our services. We really want to know the answer. We want everyone to be asking the question, debating the answers, moving towards being a church that Jesus would feel at home in. Hopefully you’ve caught at least some of the talks and caught […]

Light Party DIY ideas

Instead of having one joint light party in Downend, we are hoping there will be lots of smaller light parties in our individual homes and neighbourhoods. A couple of years ago, Charlie Walker & Anita Dobson put together some useful ideas on how to do your own “light party”: Here they are again for you! […]