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At Christ Church we firmly believe in the power of prayer. If there is something or someone you would like us to pray for, we are here for you. Email:

May One Church One Day, 24 Hours of Prayer

Dear Church Family

Our opportunity to rise up together in prayer for a full 24 hours is here again. The theme for May’s One Church One Day is:

IMG-20220425-WA0000 (1).jpg

What makes us a family is our connection with Father God through his Son, and the best way to connect with God is through prayer, whether that’s meditative, active or creative. It’s so important to encourage everyone, from the very youngest to the eldest in their prayer lives. OCOD is a great opportunity to do that, together as a church family. So our next OCOD is this coming Friday 6th May 7pm- Saturday 7th May 7pm. Please click on the link below to book in, or else contact me and I will book in for you.

As always, we will begin with an uplifting time of prayer and worship at Prayer & Praise Together, 7-8pm on Friday 6th. Click on the Zoom link to join in:

Meeting ID: 873 6485 6369
The Mission Focus in May is Mission Direct, and so Jan or Richard will be leading us in prayer for Mission Direct at Prayer & Praise. They have kindly provided the prayer pointers below. 

Please be encouraged to pray whatever is on your heart, however you feel led to do that. Spending quality time with Father God is what it’s all about. I had a two hour OCOD prayer time last month and it was like taking a mini retreat with the Lord! 

All feedback is very much appreciated and helpful in encouraging and building up the body of Christ.

Enjoy drawing consciously close to the God who is constantly close to us.
Diane x 

Prayer Diary Kumi May 2022

Our prayer points are as follows:
 Praise and thanksgiving, for the successful Easter trip, and our safe return to the UK
 That there will be sufficient funds raised, so that the projects which we have started will be
successfully completed.
 That it will be possible for our next Team to run at the end of July. In the meantime, that our
friends and partners in Kumi, will be kept safe and healthy, enabling them to continue with
the amazing work they undertake day in day out
 That the costs, of even the most basic food stuffs and other essentials, will return to more
affordable levels
 That schools will remain open and that all children will be able to return to their schools
 That the climate will be such, that planting can take place and that there will be good
 That the most vulnerable, orphans, widows, elderly, and those with disabilities will be
protected and have sufficient food and keep healthy  24-7 60 Minutes Prayer Guide

5 ways to pray together as a family – 24-7 Prayer International  5 ways to pray together as a family

Praying for the Persecuted Church

Each month Christians from local churches gather to pray for the persecuted church. These meetings take place at 9:30am the 3rd Tuesday of each month. The next meeting will take place on 18th August and is likely to be via Zoom. If you would like to attend this prayer meeting please call Mary Massey on 0117 9572447

Prayer Resources

At Christ Church we have really benefited from resources coming from the 24-7 prayer movement. At the beginning of 2020 we did a sermon series as a church on prayer, looking at various aspects and types of prayer, using Pete Grieg’s book “How to Pray.” You can find those sermons here or by searching for the “Learning to Live the Life” podcast on various podcast platforms.

You can also find some incredible resources for prayer, whether you are brand new to it or been praying for years, on the prayer course website here.

Prayer Life newsletter archive

This is the archive of the old PDF files of the Prayer Life newsletter. The more recent copies of the newsletter can be found in the block of links that is either at the side or towards the bottom of this page.