The ‘Blue Planet effect’ has seen action being taken in politics, by individuals and the Queen to cut plastic use. David Attenborough’s documentary highlighted the hideous damage being done to the oceans by our throw away society.  Anglican Bishops have called on Christians to care for God’s creation by participating in their Lent Plastic Challenge. So how can we do this?

  • At church: bring own coffee mug to 10.30 service or alternatively we now have fully compostable card cups
  • At home: order milk from milkman- or increase it
  • On the move: fill a reusable bottle with tap water before leaving house
  • Don’t bin it! You can recycle food bags and toilet roll bags. But first check if can be recycled by looking for the correct symbol and wording. The Tesco’s at Staple Hill has a bag bank.

Together we can and must make difference to how we treat God’s precious planet.

Follow the day by day Plastic Free Lent challenge (Pdf, 185kb) from the Church of England.

Join the Plastic-less-lent facebook group for more ideas  or join the  Friends of Earth #Plastic free Friday

Pledge and sign the Friends of the Earth petition for government action to get manufacturers to reduce plastic waste.

Speak to Geoff Payne or Anita Dobson for more info.