It was so lovely to be able to pray for the folk at Christ Church and gave us a much closer sense of connection to your church family. I was lifting Paul up in prayer particularly, but also the young people and your various youth programs. It was great to tune in to a couple of the daily bread videos on YouTube and to see Susie still doing so well on the singing! I hope you see a real breakthrough over the coming weeks in terms of welcoming new people into the church community and seeing that you have the finances you need despite the church rooms being closed.

Just an update on our PPE appeal and distribution. We have been travelling far and wide within the Iringa region and the week before last, I was able to go to one of the furthest villages in our region and visited a number of medical centres and dispensaries. I made a little video of our visit which is on Youtube.

The government have recently announced that PPE being distributed must pass through an approval process via the Tanzanian Medical Devices Agency. So please pray that this goes smoothly for us next Wednesday and we can get back to distributing this importation equipment soon. 

Many thanks again for all of your prayers and support. We have felt very blessed this week within our family times, but also with a number of positive things happening at Neema. Not least that our PPE appeal has gone so well with a humbling amount of support and well wishes coming from the UK. Also, we are looking to launch our new shop in Dar in July (despite there being no tourists here presently) and I finally got my car transmission fixed, which (although it may sound like a small thing) has taken me four years to find a solution! So thanks so much for your prayers – God hears us. 

With love and blessings,