Help reduce global poverty by munching on a bacon roll. Do your bit for the majority world who live on a dollar a day or less, by joining us for coffee, tea, orange juice & pastries.

You are invited to join us for breakfast on Sunday 20th May at the end of Christian Aid Week, to enjoy breakfast together before the 10.30 service at Christ Church Junior School.

We hope to be borrowing a few bacon grill machines such as George Foremans, and to fill the school with the delicious scent of cooking bacon. If you arrive too late to eat and miss out, you’ll have to suffer the scent of what might have been all through the service: don’t blame us if your stomach rumbles along to the music… For vegetarians there will be veggie sausages and pastries to choose from.

Donations on  the day will help to make a huge difference in the lives of those in need across the world.

Breakfast will be available from 9.45 – 10.15 We will set up the service around it, to the accompaniment of the music group practising: live entertainment at no extra cost!

We would love some help with this: could you do a little shopping in advance/ lend us a grill/ come and help out on the day with setting up from 9.15, cooking, serving and clearing away? If so, please speak to Paul Peterson or Jan Bacon.