Join in our Harvest Banquet, at 12pm after the Harvest celebration. Enjoy time getting to know each other better and celebrate life as the body of Christ in Christ Church over a meal together.

It’s a bit of a rush after the service to get to speak to people properly, isn’t it. Children are hungry and wanting to go home.  Others are going  home to an empty house and a too quiet afternoon.

Eating together is a special time.

Let us know what you will bring: we suggest aiming for a dish for about 8 people. If you are a family of 3 or more, perhaps bring 2 dishes. If you bring something that needs heating up, you can either pop home and return with it hot, or we now have oven and hob here at church. Also cold dishes and salads welcome, and of course yummy desserts go down very well. If you have a special diet then bring something suitable and also let us know as we will probably be able to make sure there are other things you can eat too.

There’s a sign up sheet in the welcome area of Church.

We look forward to seeing you there!