Spread some joy together!

During Advent we love to encourage you to spend a few minutes preparing for Christ to come, as well as preparing for Christmas. We can reflect in quiet prayer, but also in spreading joy.

What’s a DIY Nativity?

  • Get together with friends, neighbours, family, a group you belong to
  • Choose a day in December and sign up
  • Make some kind of nativity scene: with dressing up… toys… lego… icing… play dough… junk .. whatever catches your imagination
  • Have fun doing it! And talk about why the birth of Jesus brings joy to you.
  • Take a photo and send it to: anitadobson@christchurchdownend.com on the day you’ve chosen
  • Video footage would be brilliant!

We will show the photos at the Crib Service and on Christmas Day, also here on the web site, so only send me photos you are happy for us to use. (If concerned about children’s photos, disguise well with beards, tea towels etc, or be creative in another way.)

There will be a sign up sheet at church, or email/ text/ call to choose your day.

You can do your DIY nativity  any time, just send the photo on your chosen day.

Go create and share your finished product!