Reflect with the family on the real meaning of Christmas

Every year, model figures travel around the parish from home to home each night in December, reminding us to pause a while and remember how Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem with their precious load.

Each day the figures, along with a pack of suggested activities, passes from home to home. Finally Mary and Joseph make it to the Crib Service on Christmas Eve where they join the nativity scene.

This follows a Mexican tradition where two children would be chosen to play the part of Mary and Joseph and would travel from home to home in the village, encouraging each family to stop and pray and celebrate the coming of Jesus.

Would you find room for Mary and Joseph this year?

If you’d like to get involved or find out more, call Anita 07753233950 or email

If you are at church find the rota on the special Posada table in the foyer.