Find stillness in a busy world

We invite you to step into the church between Sun 15th January and Sun 22nd January 2017 and find something different.

The centre of the church will be transformed into a beautiful prayer space where you will feel at once perfectly at home, and strangely unsure what to expect. You’re not sure you will stay, but you’d like to have a look round.

You enter, and once a welcomer has greeted you,  the hush brings you a feeling of calm, of waiting. As you step into the prayer space a feeling of peace descends. Art materials out on a table invite you to express prayer through creativity. There is a set of headphones for listening to beautiful music that will inspire prayer. There is a graffiti wall for writing on. As you move through, you see someone reading from the Bible. Another person is writing prayers for a loved one and hanging it onto the wall.  You decide to stay for a while.

Then you see a simple space, silent and inviting: nothing but cushions and a cross. You are drawn to this place as you sense such love and peace there. You stop. You stay.

Please come and find out more by coming any time from 8 am to 8 pm to drop in, or by appointment between 8 pm and 8 am.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more, or to submit a prayer request. 07753233950