Your community needs YOU!

Each year we try to bless the local community by serving in practical ways. This year we are holding a Super Serving Sunday on Sun 29th August as part of our morning worship. We will start off in church, and then as many as possible who are able to do physical work will walk/ drive to Page Park in Staple Hill where we will wash the perimeter railings! (It’s a 10 minute walk from church.) Wear old clothes.  Bring Noise T shirts, rubber gloves, sponges, buckets if you have them.  Cleaning the railings should suit all ages and sizes!  (You could go straight to Page Park if you are not comfortable with being in church due to Covid.)

We aim to work for a couple of hours and then enjoy a picnic lunch together at about 12.45  Bring your own drinks, snacks and picnic, picnic blanket and suitable protection from the weather.

The service will continue in church for those who are not able to join us: your contribution will be just as important as you pray for our community.

This is a great opportunity to see and be seen by the community and show God’s love in practical ways. The Page Park team are excited about us coming, and say that this has been on their To Do list for a very long time…