We used to often ask each other, “How are you?” without really expecting much of a reply except “Fine!” Now we are learning to be more prepared for an honest answer, as it’s more “ok” to describe our feelings rather than hide them. This is true in the church too, and how refreshing! God can only deal with us as we are, not as we pretend to be.

We are beginning a new course online, starting on Monday evenings from 15th February, called the Wellbeing Course. Anyone is welcome to this course based on a book by Dave Smith called “God’s Plan for Your Wellbeing.” There will be videos, discussion and time to listen to each other.  The course book is available for £5.

If you would like to find out more or sign up for the course, get in touch with Paul paul.peterson@christchurchdownend.com or 07939125375   Why not invite a friend to come with you.