Our Connected Sunday groups this week will be studying Exodus 1 & 2 and how God had a plan for baby Moses, even though things looked pretty bleak for them and their whole nation. As God’s people, the Israelites were stuck in Egypt and living with increasingly tough times, under Pharaoh. The opposition was growing against these immigrants, and yet God intervened and made a way for this baby to survive against the odds.

Watch the mini film clip here from our YouTube Channel, including a fun high speed “how to make the craft picture”.

You can send photos of your art work creations to Helen at children@christchurchdownend.com I’d love to share them on our social media platforms to encourage everyone in the Church. You can download the template for the craft here if you’d rather not draw your own free hand, and there are 2 wordsearches for this Sunday’s Connected storytime. Connected Wordsearch: & Connected + wordsearch. Zoom links will be emailed to parents ready for our Sunday virtual groups. You can contact Helen if your children would like to join in too.

I’ve also found a very special Lego mini film for the life of Moses, called “Exodus a Brick Film, full movie” Its a splendid version and we will be watching the first 5 minutes of this film in our Sunday Groups.