We have received the January 2020 newsletter from Pastor Misa Hiorescu in Moldova. Christ Church supported the building of the church where he is the pastor through a tithe gift taken from donations to the Building4Life project.

Pastor Misa Writes:

We greet you with the Lord’s peace, dear brothers and sisters from Great Britain. We are grateful for all the blessings we get from the Lord through you.

The Christmas came and went. Last week we gave the Christmas presents to the children. All the children from the whole village got a present and it was a great joy for them. We invited them all to Church. Before giving them a present, we shared a little bit with them from God’s Word. Then we gave them each a cake. We thank God for these opportunities.

Please, pray for our Day Care Centre for children. The children keep coming and coming. This week we had about 30 children. Pray for us to be able to share God’s Word with them in a way for them to understand it and for the Lord to conquer their hearts and save them.

We’d like to ask you to pray for Mrs Nadejda, the kindergarten’s headteacher. We had the opportunity to talk to her and she listens when we share God’s Word. She asked us a lot of questions and promised to come to Church. Please pray that she would keep her promise, but more important that the Lord would search her and help her open her heart to Him.

A month ago, our Church celebrated the Harvest Day and we invited many people from our village. We were happy to see the Church building full. Please, pray that the Lord would search our village.

Thank you for all that you do for us.

May the Lord bless you.