We have received the May 2018 newsletter from Pastor Misa Hiorescu in Moldova. Christ Church members supported the building of the church where he is the pastor through a tithe gift taken from donations to the Building4Life project.

Pastor Misa writes:

The Lord’s peace, dear brothers.

I’m happy to be able to write to you again about the events that took place these last two months. We thank God that everyone in our family is healthy. Tonea stays at home more, but Mihaela and Diana are still in Romania studying. All of them had been at home for Easter and we were happy to have the whole family together.

About the ministry in the church, we work more in Ursoaia. One of the events of these two last months was the Women’s Day celebration on the 8 th March, where we invited women from the village to have a cup of tea. We had a great time. We were happy to have the neighbour who lives exactly next to the church building with us. After that, she came to our church meeting on Sunday. Please pray for her; her name’s Vetuţa.

There is another woman coming to our church meetings for two months already. She hasn’t missed a service. She enjoys them very much and asks many questions. Her name’s Natașa. Pray for her that God would help her to understand His will for her.

On the 15th April we took all the church members from Pelinei to Ursoaia. We all
had a wonderful time together.

We thank you for everything you do for us and we invite you to visit us in Moldova.

Prayer Requests:
• Pray for the church in Ursoaia; for members to start getting involved in ministries, especially the men.
• Pray for Vetuţa to accept Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.
• Pray for Natașa to understand God’s will and stay with this.