This page contains prayer requests from our mission partners and should be read in conjunction with the Thy Kingdom Come post.


  • For our Head Office staff who have got new systems for remote appointments up and running and for continued wisdom as they work on a remote system for offering 1st appointments.
  • For our clients wherever they might be on their journey with CAP. Pray for their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing during this challenging time.
  • Pray for our CAP Team at Christ Church as they continue to support clients whether that be through appointments, befriending or as a member of the Foodbank Team.
  • For Leyla, Rosie and Philip as they relate to clients. Pray for compassion, wisdom and an overwhelming sense of God’s love.

Ben and Katy Ray (CMS)

  • That every member of our Neema Crafts team is protected from this virus and no one becomes seriously sick.
  • That information would be more clearly shared as to the outbreak and so people can make good decisions based on facts rather than rumours.
  • For the government of Tanzania, that they would be blessed with supernatural wisdom at this time to know when to open up schools or go into tighter lockdown etc. Currently only schools are closed and the airports are reopening.
  • For wisdom and insight for Katy and Ben as they decide what the next step for Neema Crafts should be. They don’t expect tourists to be back in Iringa for a long time, and will have to find new markets and probably new products.
  • For their family at this time, that they make sensible decisions regarding their health and that they have no other serious reasons for returning to the UK in the coming months.
  • That Zaki and Alessia would enjoy home school and keep learning lots!
  • For the Anglican Diocese of Ruaha which really needs God’s shalom peace during this time across all of its parish churches.

Open Doors

  • Pray for the safety and witness of persecuted believers across the world, especially those experiencing prejudice because of their Christian faith, which excludes them from accessing medical support.
  • Please pray that God would protect vulnerable believers in North Korea, showing them the depths of his love, protection and strength. May our courageous brothers and sisters know him more closely than ever.
  • Pray for the protection of Open Doors partners as they travel to meet with persecuted Christians, and for wisdom as they implement projects.
  • From the director of Open Doors in West Africa: “We want
  • to ask you to continue to pray… We have received calls from some pastors asking for help in the area of food. But also, believers in the refugee camps are now struggling with food support. Widows and orphans with small incomes due to lockdown are also unable to continue trading. In the midst of these coronavirus challenges the attacks on Christians have not stopped… Therefore, we want to ask you to stand with us in prayer and support that we can continue to serve the persecuted Body of Christ, even in these very difficult times that we are all passing through.”

Misa and Ina Hiorescu in Moldova

  • Pray for Misa and his family as they seek to minister whilst the church building is closed. Very few people are able to work and the lockdown remains in place.
  • Pray for God’s provision for Transform Europe Network as they support the spread of the gospel across the continent.

Mission Direct Kumi

  • The relaxing of the Coronavirus regulations in Uganda so that people may earn a living and feed their families.
  • That Mission Direct will be able to raise sufficient funds to continue to operate.
  • That Jan and Richard will be able to return to Uganda this year to continue the mission to support our partners and especially to complete the current project building homes for teachers at Kumi Bazaar School.

Our orphanage partner in India

  • Pray for the children’s safety as they live away from the orphanage due to the lockdown restrictions.
  • Pray for the protection of the areas around the orphanage from Covid19.
  • Pray that P and his family can provide the people living around the orphanage with food packages.
  • Pray for guidance for the Indian Government that they make good decisions.