Our outworking of mission at Christ Church is expressed in many different ways. First and foremost we believe that every individual is created by God for a purpose and that each of us is called to serve him on our frontlines.

These frontlines are the places where we spend most of our waking hours – at work, in the home, in groups within the community, within sports teams. God calls us to live the Christian life in these places, demonstrating his love in word and action. Our regular church activities seek to equip people for this and emphasise the fact that the Christian faith is not to be hidden away in the confines of a church building, but lived out in the community at large.

You’ll also find Christ Church to be a permission giving church where people are encouraged to take initiative in serving others. Many of us are involved with local and international charities and mission projects. We specifically support six of these charities – to find out more see Mission Partners.

Alpha and Puzzling Questions provide an opportunity for people to find out more about the Christian faith in the company of others. Many have found this a great way to ask honest questions and discover the depths of God’s love for themselves.