We have received a newsletter from Pastor Misa Hiorescu in Moldova. Christ Church members supported the building of the church where he is the pastor through a tithe gift taken from donations to the Building4Life project.

Pastor Misa says:

I greet you with the Lord’s peace, dear brothers and sisters. Each time I have the opportunity to write to you, I wish to thank you for your prayers you raise for my family and church. Thank you for your financial support that helps us so much in doing God’s ministry in the two villages.

About the church and all our worship ministry that takes place every Sunday at 10 a.m. We haven’t started children’s activities yet, but we pray to have the necessary conditions to do this ministry as soon as possible.

Last month we went visiting a few families. One of them, Vasile and Raisa, are in the village Ursoaia. Raisa is ill and paralyzed, staying in bed. They have very harsh living conditions, but I can assure you that the husband, Vasile, takes very good care of his wife. We prayed together and at the end we provided them with an aid packet and some nappies. Please pray for this family. Another visit we did was to an elderly lady who is paralyzed and in bed. Please pray for Aunt Parascovia to put her hope in the Lord. Thank you for everything again. May the Lord bless you.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for our whole Church – that we’d be a light in our community.
  • Pray that God would bring workers in His vineyard.
  • For Raisa and Vasile’s family – that the faith would push roots in their minds and they would
    be able to put their trust in God.
  • For Aunt Parascovia, that as she gets older she would come closer to God.