Kathy Prosser

Kathy Prosser, Ministry of Wholeness, Head of Ministry of Wholeness, Pastoral Care and Safeguarding

There are a number of networks at Christ Church through which God’s love is experienced in special ways:

  • Home visiting, especially those who are housebound or unwell.
  • Visiting people in hospital and in residential homes
  • Supporting people who have been bereaved. This includes hosting an evening service in November when we ‘remember with thanksgiving’ loved ones who have died during the preceding year.
  • Holy Communion at home (for those who cannot come to church).
  • Welcoming those new to Christ Church and keeping in touch with people on the fringes.

We are seeking to create a ‘culture of invitation’ at Christ Church so that ‘unexpected’ relationships might be built, all will feel included and strangers become friends.

Our Pastoral Care Coordinator oversees this aspect of our church’s life and is often the first point of contact for those seeking pastoral support in so many of life’s challenges.

Kathy works part-time on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and can be contacted on: 07753 233952              

Further information

If you require further information please contact us.

Read our safe from harm policy (pdf, 436kb).