The series aims to explore what our church is called to be at THIS time in THIS place, in the light of our vision of “learning to live the life” as Jesus’ followers. At a pivotal moment in our church’s life, how can we more fully become the community Jesus wants us to be? The series aims to be a starting point for a new season of the church and after an introduction, each service will ask “What does it look like to be…?”

  • 1st Sept. What does it mean to be Christ Church?
  • 8th Sept…. a church passionate about prayer?
  • 15th Sept…. a church learning to learn?
  • 22nd Sept…. a church that radically loves the poor?
  • 29th Sept. … a real church family?
  • 6th Oct…. a church for the lost?
  • 13th Oct…. a church that lives simply?
  • 20th Oct…. a church that’s a community of grace?
  • 27th Oct…. a church that builds one another up?

Evening services and Thursday mornings will also consider these questions so that the WHOLE church is included in this fresh fo-cus on what it looks like to be the church Christ is calling us to become.