New Ambitions – Philippians 3:10-21

These notes accompany the sermon from Sunday, 19th July 2020.

Paul makes a declaration in (3:10) “I want to know Christ”. We may think Paul already knew Christ, but Paul is seeking to be totally enveloped in Christ’s person, purpose and passion. It is not enough to be counted as one of Christ’s he wants to be able to say (1:21) “for me to live is Christ”.

He is absolutely passionate to “win the prize” (v14), and is distraught over those who take a casual or dismissive attitude to Christ (v 18 & 19). He urges us (v17) to follow his example and those of other godly people.

He reminds us our (v20) “citizenship is in heaven” and that Christ will (v21) “transform our lowly bodies” on his return.

  1. Does Paul’s ambition (v10 & 11) of “knowing Christ”; the “power of his resurrection” and “sharing in his suffering”; align with yours, and why might you find it tough to give this a hearty “Amen”?
  2. Why does Paul become tearful over those who are not honouring Christ (v 18 & 19), and how does that resonate with you?
  3. How do we deal with the feeling that we are only “second class citizens” when we read of Paul’s expectations and ambitions?