For Moses & the Israelites, the last plague was a terrible one, but God spared the Israelite people and enabled them to escape and leave Egypt. This Sunday Mike and Liz Parsons will be with Connected leading the story and there is going to be an epic craft, so bring a print out of our sheet (from the children’s email) and a glue stick if you can. Let Helen know if you need a print off delivered to your door. Check out this mini film on YouTube of the story (words by Liz, acting by Helen, thank you to our camerman too!) Connected will be on Zoom at 11.15am and Connected + on zoom at 12pm this Sunday. Hope you can make it.

Sparklers will be enjoying more fruit of the Spirit with Jack and Belinda. If you can draw a picture of you and write in big letters the day and month of your Birthday, that will be super for our Sunday Sparklers Zoom session too. Here are Belinda & Jack with their story on YouTube.

And I couldn’t not mention our new talented Weather Presenter David and his gymnast sister Sophie. David’s full weather report can be found on the Messy Church at Christ Church Downend Facebook page. And Sophie, not to be out done by her brother also sent in a handstand walkover ! But here are a couple of photos of them for you to see, along with their colourings for the NHS Key worker thank yous.