Session 2 of our journey into what does it look like to be Christ Church examines what God can do in and through us if we grow warmer towards spending time with the Lord and listening to him.

We may not all have the gifts or the the temperament of Iona Clark who shared her passion for prayer across Europe in Sunday’s 10.30 sermon, but we can all grow to love spending time with God in our own unique ways, as Shahne Vickery will remind us in #3 on 15th September. Here, Shahne shares from How to Pray by Pete Grieg, a book that is capturing the imaginations of so many world wide who want to know, “Yes, But HOW do I pray? and what happens when God doesn’t seem to answer?”

Listen again.

Questions to ponder.

Here are questions for you to discuss, chew over alone or with others and feed back your thoughts to

Exploring what it looks like to be a church that is passionate about prayer

Questions following the 10.30 on 8th Sept 2019  (listen online)

  1. After reading Mark 12; 28-33, share examples of how the way the greatest commandment might be worked out through prayer.
  • What kindles your fire for prayer?   What can quench that fire?  How can we encourage one another in prayer?
  • Shahne quoted from Pete Greig’s latest book ‘How to Pray’ using the 4 letters P.R.A.Y. to structure our approach to God. (Pause. Rejoice. Ask. Yield/Yes). How could this be helpful? She also read the moving story of Pete’s son asking his father to read his scribbled note.    Did this resonate with you?
  • Recall and reflect on the times and ways we pray with others at Christ Church. Are there things we could do differently that might move us toward being a church that is more devoted to prayer (See Acts 2; 42)