Gathering in the Harvest

Many people long to belong. To connect in a genuine way with others. To know complete forgiveness and start afresh, free from guilt. To discover meaning in life. To find inner peace and hope. All thee things come from meeting Jesus, so let’s make sure people have every chance to do so. The fields are ripe for harvest!

Using the right tools

We know what tools are needed to harvest crops: nets for fish; combines for wheat, forks for potatoes in the garden. What tools can we use to help us harvest the could who long for and are ready to respond to God? Knives and forks, mugs and mixing bowls. Emails and texts. Hand written invitations. Kind faces and open hearts. Serving hands, and feet willing to go out, go towards, go where others might fear to love. And most of all, praying spirits.

See Jo’s questions for discussion, based on his sermons on Sunday 6th October.