On Sunday 14 May 2017 we reached a great milestone at Christ Church. The latest drawings and plans were given out and our architect,  Paul Chester, from MEB design showed some 3D images of the plans. If you missed this service, there is a leaflet detailing all the information (Pdf, 3Mb). Jo Vickery and Martin Brown spoke about the plans and the vision that we have for this special once in a generation opportunity we have to enable Christ Church to become a place for building community, celebrating creativity and deepening Christian spirituality.

Listen to Jo & Martin sharing the vision for the re-ordering of Christ Church and the difference it will make.

If you are able to offer support to the Building 4 Life fundraising team or if you have other questions please contact Maggie Nichols and the Building 4 Life team building4life@christchurchdownend.com

To invest financially in this work, please use our Giving4Life form (Pdf, 333kb)

Alternatively you can make an online donation through give.net from Stewardship. Once you have made a donation you will be contacted by our Planned Giving Secretary who will inquire about the specific details of how you would like your donation used in the Building4Life project.