Downend Junior Soup Team the Bromley Heath Souper Troupers need your help. So they have written to the Downend Voice to get local support for their project.  What started off as a small school project as part of Downend Soup is growing and we are keen to see other community groups and other local schools joining this plastic bag recycling movement.

At the start of 2019 Bromley Heath Junior School pupils and parents recycled over 77 bread bags full of clean stretchy plastic. The school SOUP group  were so upset with plastic bags in the ocean, and their aim was to recycle enough plastic bags to fill a bread lorry (10,000 loaves). The project started in October and so far they are up to 500 bags. This is great news, but they are miles away from reaching their target. So can you help us ? We need about 20-30 schools or Cubs / Brownies/ community groups or shops to join us. Already the local Bromley Heath hairdressers Sadie Paul are joining us with their plastic bags. Once a week collect up all the bread bags full of plastic bag recycling and take it to Tesco, Staple Hill or other larger supermarkets. If you can count how many bags you collect and email or message Helen Buick at with how many bags you have recycled, together we can reach our 10,000 bag target.

A big thank you to Tesco for being our nearest plastic bag recycling drop off point. Thank you to the pupils and parents at Bromley Heath Junior School for getting us into recycling plastic bags. If you are wondering what types of plastic you can recycle:

  • If it’s clean and its stretchy you can recycle it.
  • If it’s crinkly you cannot recycle it.

So please get collecting your bubble wrap, your bread bags, carrot bags, magazine bags, potato bags, loo roll bags and more.