Hello everyone, its so great to be able to message you about all the things we have online for our Children’s Work at Christ Church. I hope you are enjoying them all. Do let me know which bits your children enjoy most. Those who have come along to the Sunday Zooms have seemed to get on brilliantly with it. They seem to have adapted so quickly to different ways of doing Church. I hope that you too as parents are managing to have times when you can join in with Church via the daily Bread for Today films on YouTube or the Sunday 10am service on YouTube. There were a lot of people at the coffee zoom too, in small chat rooms. If you aren’t that chatty, don’t worry you can still join in as more of a listener ! It’s a bit like eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation but with permission to do so!

This week Sparklers have a story from Jack and Belinda on YouTube and a challenge to either make / draw / decorate a tree ready for Sunday and bring a fruit you like to eat on Sunday too.

Connected & Connected + have a massive treat as Jonners and Sam have recorded an epic version of the Fish BBQ on the beach with Jesus, Simon Peter and John, enjoy it here on YouTube.

On Sunday they will be joining us for games. Can connected children make a fishing rod and bring a paper clip on the end of the line if you have one, ready for our games on Sunday. (Nothing too fancy, could be a wooden spoon or a roll of cardboard with a piece of string on it !) Hope to see you on Sunday morning !

We have zoom groups running on Sunday as follows:

  • Sparklers 9am
  • Creche 9.30am
  • Church YouTube Service 10am
  • Church coffee time zoom 10.30am
  • Connected 11.15am
  • Connected + 12pm

If you want to join in these zoom meetings, please contact Helen Buick on children@christchurchdownend.com or text 07817077141