As a praying community, Christ Church will be taking part in 24 hour prayer the first Friday of every month, 7pm Friday through to 7pm Saturday. Our first 24 hours of prayer will begin on Friday 1st May.  If you would like to sign up to an hour’s slot please click on   You can join others on the same slot.

There are many resources out there, if you would like to use them, to help focus our prayers: CARE’s Ten Ways To Pray About Coronavirus and resources from the Prayer Course Toolshed such as Praying the Lord’s Prayer, Christian Meditation, Praying for a Large Scale Crisis and many others.

Feedback from the Easter 24 hour prayer was hugely encouraging and uplifting. Many were apprehensive at first that an hour would be a long time to spend in prayer, but all were left hungering for more.

Though we cannot be together in body we can be joined together by the Spirit in prayer. The whole world has a heavy load on its shoulders right now; together let’s take it to the Lord in prayer.