New teaching series for the autumn

As we gradually emerge from lockdown and look to open up our church and our homes further, what needs rebuilding? Not just routines and activities but also perhaps the confidence that underpins them. Many talk of having lost the confidence to go out, to be in a crowd, to offer hospitality. But more than that, some have had their trust in God shaken, and this has dented their confidence to share their faith.

In this series we look at how Jesus invites people to have confidence in the God who sees us, the God who is present in the midst of all that life throws at us. In the miracles, teaching and relationships described in John’s Gospel we can have our own relationship with Jesus strengthened and therefore our confidence to share him with others will also grow. At this time, we will be encouraging people into a culture of invitation and specifically to invite others to the Alpha Course. We will give practical ideas about how to share our faith.

In the later weeks, we see how Jesus encourages people to go deeper in their understanding of who God is, and discover afresh how we too are invited to go deeper with him. During this time, we will share practical ideas of what spiritual practices we are invited to learn or rebuild.

Sept 5 – John 1:35-42 – Come and see – a simple invitation

Sept 12 – John 2:1-12 – An invitation into something better (CAP Sunday)

Sept 19 – John 3: 1-16 – An invitation to new life

Sept 26 – John 4: 1-26 – Invited to discover deep truths

(Alpha Course introduction 27 September)

Oct 3 – John 4:27-42 – An invitation to tell our story

Oct 10 – Harvest – Climate Justice Sunday

Oct 17 – John 5:1-15 – An invitation to healing (Healing service)

Oct 24 – John 6:1-15 – An invitation to trust

Oct 31 – John 6:16-21 Invited out of our comfort zone

Nov 7 – John 6:22-40 Invited by the one who truly satisfies