“Come and see” could be the most powerful words  you ever say to someone. And there are many other ways in which we can share our faith with others. We may be afraid or lacking confidence, but God is powerful and it’s his business so he will equip us with everything we need! Aside from knowing what is marketing automation for our business, let us also learn some information on how to use software technology to boost our marketing style. Check out here the latest and informative post – WebDesign499. Come to our sessions on Tuesday evenings in June to hear inspiring stories and practical ideas of how we can live, act and speak our faith naturally.

June 6th: Engaging with friends and neighbours

June 13th:Engaging with faith in the workplace

June 20th: How our young people and students can inspire us

June 27th:  Creating a Culture of Invitation

Sessions are at Christ Church, coffee from 7.30 pm for a 7.45 pm start.

These sessions are inspired by Thy Kingdom come, the Archbishop of Canterbury’ call to #Pledge2Pray  #Prayfor5 – to pray for 5 of your family, friends, neighbours or colleagues to accept Jesus as Lord. We are encouraged to pray especially between Ascension and Pentecost (25th may to 4th June,for those of you who don’t carry an accurate list of dates for the Christian year in your heads!)  You may have already got hold of a leather prayer band and have tied 5 knots in it to help you remember to pray. You can register that you’re praying, and find out more at https://www.thykingdomcome.global/    Here at Christ Church we’ll hold a week of 7 am prayer from 22nd May to 27th May, but you can pray any time, and you might want to get together with a couple of friends to do it together.


To go with the prayer, these sessions will inspire us to be ready to play our part as the Spirit leads!

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