This Sunday our Connected children’s groups will be studying the story of when Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness. You can read it here : Matthew 4: 1-11 and listen to my reading of a Bob Hartman version of the story here:

If the children could have a dark colour felt pen and a piece of paper and some scissors  ready for Sunday morning that would be good. ( or one piece of a4 paper already cut up into 6 pieces) We will be having a speed drawing game. Connected will be on Zoom at 10.45am and Connected + at 11.45am. All the links have been sent via email. If you can’t find yours please message Helen on

We will be singing this new boppy song which you may like to try at home first ? The Clip Clop Beat Palm Sunday song with actions & lyrics is on the Christ Church Downend Youtube channel here:

The song is written by Bob Hartman and Sam Hargreaves. © 2019 Song Solutions Daybreak / CCLI: 7124774 Taken from the album Bob Hartman’s Rhyming Bible. (you can find it here if you want a copy : CD Spotify iTunes Amazon Music : Google Play

For a craft this week, I thought the kindest thing your family might like to do would be to make some Easter cards and post them to your neighbours, if you make any cards, can you send me a photo of them before you send them ? I would love to make a giant collage of all the different photos / designs you come up with. It could be a colourful cross, some flowers, an Easter egg, an Easter garden, an empty tomb, some chicks or even a few palm trees. If any grown ups want to get involved too, please send me any creations, I know some of you are very artistic.

Sparklers & Creche : we haven’t forgotten you ! Eloise has pre-recorded a lovely Jack story  and Sparklers will be meeting on Sunday at 9am on zoom.

Creche will be on zoom at 9.30am with Monty Mouse too.