Missing Monty Mouse, our lovable puppet? Wanting something to do with your pre-schoolers? Wishing you could find some fun and gentle encouragement so that you still feel connected?

Join us on Friday at 9.30 for a Facebook live session on our page Christ Church Downend.  This will be repeated next week and following weeks on WEDNESDAYS

(Existing Jigsaw members will also be able to access a Zoom meeting with Monty on FRIDAYS starting next Friday 3rd April. if you attend Jigsaw and don’t receive an invitation, check the Facebook group Jigsaw Toddler Group and ask to join the group.)

(Existing creche members will also be able to access children’s group materials: get in touch with Helen Buick if you need help. 07817077141

Some props might help- gather them before it starts. (It doesnt matter if you don’t!)

You could find:

some kind of bell or jangle some keys/measuring spoons

some kind of tube to look through (piece of rolled up card/ bottle with both ends cut off

some kind of children’s Bible with pictures

some kind of musical instrument eg. something out of the cupboard to shake eg rice or lentils/ a saucepan and wooden spoon to be a drum… the possibilities are endless!

See you there!