Prayer continues to underpin all that we do at Christ Church and as we serve God on our frontlines.  The August ‘One Church One Day’ starts on Friday 7th at 7pm and runs through to Saturday 7pm.

What better way to unite as a church family and with churches across Bristol than in prayer? This month’s theme is based on Joshua 1:3 ‘I will give you every place where you set your foot..’ We are being encouraged, if we are not taking a night slot, to prayer walk our patch this August. To walk around our streets, our church, our shops, parks, schools, wherever we are led, and to claim this promise of God. Ask God to speak to us and pray into what we hear. Seek God and what he wants us to do and pray blessing over our community with the authority we have in Jesus. During July’s One Church One Day we heard a wonderful story from Harriet about giving thanks for puddles as the children splashed in them during their prayer walk.

Each month there will be a different Mission Partner to pray for and this month it’s Haven Home India. Please see the website for Mission Partner prayer requests.

There are other resources for prayer on the website. Please feel free to spend your hour however and wherever the Lord leads you. You may like to just sit in the Lord’s presence and receive his love.

Please book in for your chosen time of prayer at 24/7 prayer. Somebody already has your slot? Great! Each hour can be shared by multiple pray-ers.

Please contact if you would like more information and to share encouraging testimonies.