The whole community is invited to unite in prayer as we enter 2021. The shared theme is ‘HOPE’ and the Bible verse John 1:5, ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’

This prayer covering over our community, the nation, and wider world, begins at 7pm on Friday 1st January and ends at 8pm on Friday 8th. Each month we pray for a Mission Partner and this month we are praying for Neema Crafts. Please see the ‘Pray With Us’ page for prayer requests.

Pete Greig, founder of the 24-7 Prayer movement, gives straightforward guidance on prayer, ‘Keep it simple, keep it real, and keep it up.’

Keep it simple!

It couldn’t be easier to sign up to an hour slot. Just click on the link below and book in for an hour, or for as many slots as you would like. You can also book in on behalf of others, and book yourself in during the same slot as others.

24-7 Prayer International – Sign-Up (

Keep it real!

Some of us may prefer to prayer-walk and surround ourselves with creation; some may want to paint and do craft; some may have a desire to sing or listen to music; some may choose to sit still in silence; some may wish to read the Bible; and some may simply light a candle. Please be free to be led by the Spirit and spend your time of prayer however you, personally, connect with the Lord.

Keep it up!

The week of prayer will begin at 7-8pm on the 1st January with ‘Prayer & Praise Together’ on Zoom. Everyone is invited. The link is below.

Launch Meeting – Zoom

Then, although physically apart, we will metaphorically pass the baton of prayer between each other, continuously, for 24-7 ending with another ‘Prayer & Praise Together’, 7-8pm on the 8th January. Link below.

Launch Meeting – Zoom

So great to unite in prayer as the body of Christ going into 2021. Catherine Wilkins, from Resound, has shared a number of scriptures that may help guides our prayers: John 8:12, John 8: 31-32, John 3: 14-21, Matthew 5; 14-16, Luke 2:32, Isaiah 49:6 and Isaiah 50:10. Julia Lettey, from Badminton Road Methodist Church, suggested that we pray for households in different situations, as shared below.

If you would like to offer your own ideas for prayer, please email and I will share them here on the Christ Church Downend website. It would be great to know how you spend your prayer time, and if you receive any words, or pictures, of knowledge or encouragement. Please let me know and I can share them both by email and on this website. If you would like to receive a reminder and encouragement to pray, and the shared reflections, again please email me, so that I have your email address.

Be blessed as you pray hope and light over our community, nation, and wider world, and as you draw consciously into the presence of God, who is constantly present to us.

In Christ,



OUR WEEK OF PRAYER 1st to 8th January 2021
Suggestion for Prayer – we focus on a prayer for Households in Downend as we all continue to live through the COVID 19 Pandemic.
E.G. We Pray God’s Blessings on our immediate neighbours. For Hope in their different situations.


We Pray God’s Blessing on those Households we know who have Financial difficulties. For the Food Bank at RESOUND. For Christians Against Poverty at Christ Church.


We Pray God’s Blessing on those Households we know who are struggling with Health problems. For the NHS, Doctors’ Surgeries, Community Nurses etc.


We Pray God’s Blessing on those Households we know where there are Housebound reliant on the help of Care Workers. For Agencies providing compassionate & skilled Carers.


We Pray God’s Blessing on Households we know who have Children & Young People in School, College, or University coping daily with Covid 19 restrictions. For Wisdom & Guidance for Teachers & Administrators in places of learning in our area.


We Pray God’s Blessings on Households we know who have a Single Occupant. For Appropriate Support Networks.


We offer Praise and Thanksgiving to Almighty God FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD – as we go into the New Year with Hope!


Join in with a Prayer of Your Choice for the Community we Live In.