This Sunday, 13 September, there will be a short Family Worship at 4pm in Christ Church for families.

Tables will be set out, cafe style, spaced at 2m, to enable families to gather safely for worship.

This will be a short worship time, with adults and over 11s wearing face-coverings (unless they are exempt) with families sitting around tables.  There will be a small pot of playdoh on each table, which will be yours to take home and some colouring activities. 

Please can you book in if you are coming and give us an indication of how many chairs you’d like around your table. Some small ones may prefer to stay in a buggy or be on a lap.  Please book in by email to by Saturday 6pm.

We have room for 15 families downstairs, and could fit another 4 families in the chancel (music group and font area). Upstairs will not really be appropriate for most families with younger children, but it could become an additional area if any families would prefer to be upstairs, (let us know, when booking, if this would suit you.)

Church Kit Bag: We would like to encourage you to gather some of these items if you have them and bring them in a “Church Bag”. Suggested items to bring include: a pencil case, a children’s Bible, a few small plastic people and animals if you have any, an instrument or shaker and/or  a silky scarf to wave, tissues, wipes, hand sanitiser. 

Worship will feel a little different to usual, there will be 2 songs, and we will be able to say the words, and / or do the actions, play an instrument or wave a scarf. Only the worship leader will be able to sing, but we will be together and God hears our whispers and knows what is in our hearts as we gather in His Name to express our love for Him.

Adults and over 11 year olds will be required to wear a face mask, unless they are exempt from wearing one. 

Coffee will be served outside from 3.30-3.45pm and again after the service at 4.30pm.  Please do be aware of where you stand if you are enjoying a coffee and maintain 2m distance when outside.  This will mean moving away from the coffee table once you have your coffee.

The Church has a one way system, you go in through the main double doors as per usual, and exit by the side door. There is hand sanitiser to use at both the entrance and exit and we will be keeping a list of attendees for track and trace purposes. The doors are kept open as are windows for ventilation. The toilets are in use, but the creche will not be in use.

Last Sunday we had our first Family Worship on Zoom at 4pm, and it was super. Well done to all those who made it along, we don’t mind what the children do,  there is something very precious about gathering together, and Esther led the worship and we sang our hearts out and did as many actions as we could remember too. It was just a short time together, but it felt like we really were together, worshipping our loving Father God. Next Sunday 20 Sept. Family Worship will be 4pm on Zoom.

If you have any specific questions do please get in touch with Helen Buick and if your plans change or anyone is poorly and you need to stay at home please do let us know too. It may mean we can fit in an additional family.

If anyone in your household is unwell we would ask you to not come into the Church, but do let us know so we can pray for you.