If you remember Sam and Jonners in full size duck costumes, then chances are you have been to a Trunk or Treat party in Christ Church car park in recent years.

We opened up our car boots and decorated them with fairy lights and lanterns. Families would go from car to car getting different treats to eat, and finding games to play or crafts to make. The emphasis was always on how Jesus is the light of the world – one who brings hope to lift the darkness.

We need that message more than ever, but we can’t do Trunk or Treat. Your friends and neighbours might do a zoom Hallowe’en party or decorate the front of their house with pumpkins and cobwebs. Some are thinking of putting individually wrapped sweets out but it seems unlikely that people will not be allowed to call on other houses.

Could this year be a unique opportunity to offer light and hope to our neighbours? Why not try the following idea:

Decorate the front of your house, a door or window with fairy lights and autumn fruits rather than scary things, and include a sign with a message such as: “We believe in hope” or “Light in the darkness” or something similar. Others might ask you what it’s all about and you can explain: we believe Jesus brings people hope. People are really looking for hope this year more than ever.

You could even put out copies of the leaflet: “A Friend in the Dark” on your doorstep so children could take one and find out about Jesus themselves. (Ask Anita for copies.) (This is subject to restrictions at the time.)