The Aquila course begins again on Wed 11th May for 8 weeks.

Because the team of facilitators, and many people across the country who have attended the course since its beginning 20 years ago, believe  that Yes, there is hope after heartbreak. Read more about what happens on the course and how it has helped those who have been part of it:

Aquila has been offering help and hope to those suffering pain from broken relationships for over 20 years through its confidential self-help course. Our self-help courses are facilitated by a group of trained men and women who have all experienced broken relationships or divorce.

We know how important it is to have support and understanding, and what a vital role it played in our own recoveries.

We encourage and support each other over coffee in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere where the experience and insights of all are valued. Our aim is for you to find your way towards understanding, healing and wholeness.

We also offer workshops and talks specifically designed to help those involved in supporting people going through relationship/family breakdown or divorce, who do not necessarily have personal experience of these situations.

Our facilitators are all Christians and although our faith has played a part in our recoveries, this is not a factor we major on in the self-help course. Our aim is to give non-judgemental care and guidance to people wanting to rebuild their lives, not to impose our beliefs on them. Our courses are equally accessible to people of all backgrounds and ages and to people of faith or none.

What happens on the course:

We start each evening with coffee and encourage and support each other in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere. There is no magic wand, but during the seven week course members share honest self reflection and discuss their feelings and thoughts, which leads to some healing, as well as gaining a new circle of friends.

Key themes we cover on the course are:

  • How, why and where it all went wrong and what part we played
  • How our personalities & personal histories shaped us and influenced the
    development of our relationship
  • Surviving the emotional fall-out
  • How we cope with the issues surrounding children
  • How we can forgive ourselves and others
  • Improving our chances of finding hope and happiness in the future

Space is given for discussion with others who have experienced similar concerns.

We recognise how difficult it is for people to take the first step in attending a course, but are ready to help everyone who is struggling to come to terms with all that has happened.

What people say about the Aquila course:

“This was the strongest & most reliable life line that I’ve ever been thrown.  I really feel saved from something I thought would devaste me.” Sarah

“I was very hesitant and nervous about joining the course, but I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to do so – it was the turning point to a better life.” Andy

“It was really good to get things that had upset me for years off my chest. I didn’t realise how much they’d been holding me back.” Mike

“Thank you for helping me feel worthwhile again.” Jo

“I view my life and myself much more realistically now – thank you.” Paul

“Participating in the Aquila course really helped me make sense of my situation and the emotional nightmare I was in.  Meeting other people on the course, who were in similar circumstances, was a great comfort and I stopped feeling so isolated. I made friends with a few of the other participants, and we are still in regular contact.” Sally

How to book:

The course starts on Wed 11th May 7.30 pm and runs over 8 weeks on Wednesday evenings.

Venue:  Upper Cottage, Zion United Church Woodend Rd, Frampton Cottrell BS36 2HY

Cost: £40 (or £20 for those on income related benefits)

 To book:
or call Gill or Sian on 07807 058479