This Lent we travel with Jesus as he went into the wilderness and began his ministry, to learn from him the way of simplicity, trust and closeness to his Father.

The series is divided into different aspects of the journey Jesus took. It will offer us tools and inspiration for surviving and even thriving in the wilderness.

Feb 17th: Ash Wednesday – a secret journey  Joel 2:1-2 12-16 Matt 6:1-6 16-18

  • A time to rend our hearts
  • A time in the secret place
  • A time to take something up

 Feb 21st: A Spirit-led journey Deut 8:1-5 15-18  Mark 1:9-13

  • Wilderness is not a sign of God’s absence
  • Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness
  • The wilderness is a place of worship and transformation

Feb 28th: A Simple Journey  (Spiritual disciplines) Psalm 63:1-8 Luke 4: 1-14

Aspects of Jesus’s spiritual formation in the wilderness: solitude, simplicity and fasting.

March 7th: A Sorrowful Journey  (Climate crisis)  Exodus 3: 1-12  Col 1; 15-20

  • Hearing God’s heart
  • Jesus – creator of all and reconciler of all
  • Called to act in compassion for creation

March 14thA Truth-Speaking Journey (Speaking into culture)  Ez 37:1-14  Matt 4: 4-11

  • Wilderness & exile
  • Power of the prophetic word
  • Speaking truth to temptation

March 21st (Passion Sunday): A Sacrificial Journey (The Cross)  Isaiah 53:1-12  Matt 14:13-14

  • Jesus the man of sorrows
  • Jesus the sacrificial lamb
  • The sacrifices we offer in response for sake of world

March 28th (Palm Sunday): A Surprising Journey (God’s big story) Hebrews 11:32 -40  Matt 21:1-11

  • Surprising hope in the Old Testament
  • Hope Fulfilled in Jesus
  • Living in the in-between – walking with the risen Lord Jesus