Lent 2017

For forty days of Lent God leads us into a desert of reflection in which we withdraw from getting and spending and desiring, and, through fasting from the frenzied feeding of false desires, meditation on God’s Word, and acts of service, God opens our eyes to Christ’s presence in the world and frees us to share in generous love.

We need time, space, simplicity in our lives – enough bareness to discern the outline of who we are.

Lent is a time for clarity, as when the bare boughs of winter show us the shape of the tree in austere beauty.  Let us clear away the clutter of our lives, in order to see the underlying pattern. Let us follow in the steps of our Saviour, that by sharing  His suffering we may also come to celebrate the joy of resurrection.

Lent 1  Sunday 5 March – A question of Identity  (Matthew 4: 1-11)

Lent 2 Sunday 12 March– How can this be?  (John 3: 1-17)

Lent 3 Sunday 19 March– Inner thirst (John 4: 5-42)

Lent 4 Sunday 26 March – Mothering Sunday (Luke 2: 33-35 or John 19: 25b-27)

Lent 5 Sunday 2 April– Dead and alive (Passion Sunday)  (John 11: 1-45)

Lent 6 Sunday 9 April – Provocative power (Palm Sunday)  (Matthew 21: 1-11)

Easter Day Sunday 16 April – Joy breaks out!  (John 20: 1-18 or Matthew 28: 1-10)