Instead of having one joint light party in Downend, we are hoping there will be lots of smaller light parties in our individual homes and neighbourhoods. A few years ago, Charlie Walker & Anita Dobson put together some useful ideas on how to do your own “light party”: Here they are again for you!

HOST your own light party… make 31 October a really good family night! Enjoy a special meal together and celebrate light overcoming darkness

43714_cross_pumpkin_3CARVE pumpkins and vegetables with hearts, crosses, emoji happy faces…bring smiles and laughter to you neighbours!

SHARE the good news that God’s Love conquers all fear!

DECORATE your room with fairy lights and battery powered tealights.

GIVE sweets or glow sticks to trick or treaters with a faith sticker or positive message attached

EAT toasted marshmallows dipped in chocolate sauce – hold them near the light (BBQ with grown up supervision) for them to be their very best yummiest – just like we need to be near the light of Jesus to be our best He planned.

WEAR fancy dress – have a competition to see how many colours your outfit can have, be a super hero and sing Jesus is my Superhero

PRAY for all the children of our world who live in real fear this Halloween and every night of the year.

The following links may give you more ideas too:

Scripture Union ideas on talking to children about Hallowee’en

World Vision – Pumpkin Heroes campaign

Jesus is my Superhero song on Youtube

Halloween Resources from the Evangelical Alliance