Songs of Praise comes to Christ Church Downend

With less than three weeks’ notice, Christ Church hosted Songs of Praise on the evening of Saturday 13th July. Vans, turned into mobile recording studios, lined the paths to the Church, whilst inside, believers of all ages and church backgrounds lifted the roof as we worshipped together. A wonderful band from Emmanuel Church Brighton led us in modern worship songs, well known by some, new to others but all sung with gusto! We were guided through the evening by a voice in the ear of Production Coordinator Serena Pinto, which she explained was “not the voice of the one we all know and love but the voice of Karen Hannah the Producer Director!” The combination of a sultry summer’s evening, camera lighting and candles made for a rather warm experience but nothing compared to the warmth of the church community, commented on by the production team. At the end of the ten-song marathon (with some songs sung three times) people left, uplifted by our time of praise and worship together, somewhere on a scale of husky to voiceless!

Songs of Praise is aired on BBC 1 Sunday afternoons. Episodes including Songs of Praise from Christ Church will be aired early in the New Year.

Thank you to Maddie Barnett, Gary Smart, Helen Buick & Anne Castle for their photos.