Ever feel like life and faith are one long battle field? It’s important to recognise that as Christians we ARE in a battle. A battle between good and evil. The war has already been won by the death and resurrection of Jesus – we ARE on the winning side- but there are still battles and skirmishes. We bear the scars of those battles: addiction, pain, suffering, loss, disappointment, disputes.

Perhaps even more dangerous are the times when we are unaware of the battle: we sail through the week with our spiritual eyes closed, so we fail to notice the ways we’ve begun to sin. The voice of God is being drowned out by the other things we fill our heads with (phones, Netflix, worries and cares, poor advice) so that when we need help in the battle we can’t hear his instructions.

In the last of our series on How to Pray, we are reminded not to be afraid; to be alert; to be aware. These prayer resources, the last in our toolkit, are available online, here below or in paper copies at church. From Sunday 1st March the paper copies will be at the Welcome Desk.