We probably all pray at moments of crisis, and we don’t worry much how we do it then!

Prayer can be so much richer and deeper than that, and our souls long to connect with God, even if we don’t yet recognise that longing.

But HOW?

To start 2020 we will look in our services, sermons and small groups at Pete Grieg’s book “How to Pray: a simple guide for normal people.” We will be studying different ways to pray. The emphasis will be on practical tools we can use. You can follow the online prayer course which goes with it

Sessions include, Why Pray; Petition, Unanswered Prayer. You’ll be able to listen again to our sermons online. Each week on the Welcome Desk and at the Church Centre there will be useful “tools” in the toolbox to browse through to help you on the adventure of prayer. . We will have a few copies of How to Pray in the tool box for you to buy at £10.

See the full outline below with the dates of each topic.