Messy Church is 1 year old!

And it has surpassed our hopes and prayers, because of course God likes to give us more than we can ask or even imagine, as it says in Ephesians.

We didn’t really know what to expect on that first Wednesday last September. We had no idea how many people would turn up, or whether they would enjoy what we planned, or whether they would ever come back. All we knew was that God had already blessed us with grants and willing people to be involved.

You can imagine how nervous the catering team felt!

We had 70 people through the door, and we haven’t looked back since, except that now we are looking back, in order to thank God for his goodness.

Around 70 people have come each month on a Wednesday afternoon with their families to explore worship and bring together. Some are also part of other congregations but others are at the start of a journey. Some have engaged with church in various ways such as baptisms, school assemblies, holiday clubs, Jigsaw and Thursday toddlers. Others have just been told by their friends, “Come along, it’s cool!”

Doing things together as a family is key in Messy Church, whether it’s making bookmarks, painting your feet, eating apple crumble or taking part in a Bible story.  We have grandparents and grandchildren, mums and dads. Some join their families for tea after work.  Dipping your toe into the idea of having a relationship with God is much easier when you are not alone.

Most of our families are regular, although do pray against those childhood illnesses that can easily separate our families from us for months at a time since we only meet monthly. We have also had first timers at every session, and some have become regulars.

At no time was God’s provision more evident than the bumper month in May when over 100 people came: some served tea while others prayed hard that there was enough. Of course there was enough! There were leftovers.

We’re not sitting still though. We would value your prayers as we continue to make Messy Church a place where families bond with each other and with God. Things to pray for:

craft helpers – young people to be involved – welcomers at the door – all the resources we need – strength and joy for the team – patience and forbearance – growing faith in children and adults- families learning to worship and pray together- safety especially with drinks,kitchen, doors – washer uppers for a rota – cooks to pre- prepare dishes – new families  who need to bring God into the centre of their lives.

If you would like to be part of the Messy church family, please contact Emma King 07753233951 or Anita Dobson 07753233950