One Church One Day Reflections – April 2024

‘Above all, clothe yourselves in love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony’ Col 3:14

Once again at least 40 of us united in prayer at the weekend. It was a miracle that Prayer & Praise Together took place considering all the technical hitches prior to 7pm, but prayers were answered, sound and screen came to life just in time, and 15 of us gathered in prayer. So wonderfully inspiring to hear Iona (Iggy) share Circuit Riders testimonies with such joy and passion. We were led in sung worship by a 19-year-old called Isaac who also shared his moving and inspiring testimony. See link:


Angela shared the beautiful reflection song below following her time of prayer:

My hour of prayer led me to this beautiful song. May love bless all who share God’s love.
Song is from Psalm 121, a Psalm which says God is our protector. The Psalm was read to my mum when she was ill in hospital, bringing peace and love. May love and peace be ours today

The Brilliance – Gravity of Love (Audio) ( (Reflections end with Lyrics)


Mavis also shared deep insights into the OCOD verse:

My prayer thoughts today. Binding together in love, giving us security. The 

Father anchoring the ship with His love for us.  


Ann was also clearly guided by the Spirit in her time of prayer:

When I woke up on Saturday morning the song… ‘Let there be love shared among us’, came to mind, so when it came to my hour of Prayer I started with that song and it fitted in well with the verse for this month…and the words

‘Let there be love in our eyes; 

may now your love sweep our nation,

cause us O Lord, to arise; 

give us a fresh understanding of brotherly love that is real; 

let there be love shared among us,

let there be love.’   

Were so right as I prayed for various people and issues. 

Funnily enough, when I opened my Mission Praise book at the end of my hour, it was at very that song! so I ended with it too…

Let There Be Love Shared Among Us lyric video (


Sandy shared these encouraging words following her time of prayer:

The words, ‘Oh Lord in thee have I trusted, never let me be confounded,’ kept coming back to me. So much to pray about, such suffering. However, hope springs eternal and our faith makes us strong.

Colossians 3:14, such a powerful verse, such powerful reflections. Above all, love. It’s all about love. Love binding everything together in perfect harmony. Harmony is achieved with different sounds, different notes, different instruments. Once we can truly love, embrace and celebrate those who are different from ourselves, then we can know the perfect harmony the Lord offers.


Look forward to praying together again next month at the beginning of the Noise weekend, when God’s love will be shown in practical ways, by welcoming and serving the whole community.

The Lord bless us and protect us.

Love and prayers, Diane x

Gravity of Love


[Verse 1]
I lift my eyes up to the hills
This my morning song
Where my strength comes from

I lift my eyes up to the hills
This my evening song
Where my help comes from

This is the gravity of love
Just as the moon follows the sun
You’re all around me
You’re holding everything

This is the hope of every land
Just as the universe expands
You’re love is reaching
You’re holding everything

[Verse 2]
We lift our eyes up to the hills
When will our help come
Lord we cry how long

We lift our eyes up to the hills
Even as we run
Hope is chasing us