Journeying through the whole bible in 14 weeks

Last Sunday Aidan kicked off our new sermon series that we are incredibly excited about. “All things New: Joining God’s story of re-creation” is the title that comes from a book by Pete Hughes that we will be using as a guide.

You can listen/watch Aidan’s introduction to the series below, but in essence the aim is to cover the whole narrative of the bible in 14 weeks, helping us read the bible more, understand and interpret it better, and then apply to our lives and see and experience greater transformation or “Re-creation”.

Alongside the series we would recommend that people read Pete Hughes’ fantastic book that really delves deep, and will help us become the more biblically literate church that our culture and communities need us to be. You can order the book online currently for less than £10 here

Read along with the series.

Living the Life we are Learning about

Our vision at Christ Church is “Learning to Live the Life.” Learning about the resurrection-empowered, Spirit-filled, life in all its fullness, life that Jesus offers each and every one of us – then living this life out, as a community and Monday-Sunday in our whole lives.

As part of this series there will be a lot of learning whether we are new to church or been coming forever, but we want to put this learning into action. Week by week there will be a challenge to live out a spiritual practice, putting into practice something that that week’s service had covered. Cathie started this last week with her sermon looking at meditating on the bible when she challenged us to read one gospel this week in its entirety. You can read more about that as well as a variety of different resources to help you in your reading or listening to the bible here.

Watch or listen to the series introduction here

Aidan’s sermon from the 20th February gives an overview of why we are doing this series and why now, as well as introducing some of the common themes that will re-occur throughout the series.